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Booking a consultation with me is easy. Simply email, or phone me, and we will arrange a suitable time for a face-to-face meeting if you are local, otherwise we will work together over the internet.

A walk-through of the typical stages of a consultation with me are described here. For new clients, the stages are enrolment, the initial consultation and the design of a remedial programme unique to your individual needs.

Pat Reeves - Nutritional Therapist
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Enrolment You make contact, and enrol for therapy. At this stage, I send you a questionnaire to understand more about your individual condition.
Initial consultation If you are local, we arrange a face-to-face initial meeting, generally lasting around 2 hours. Alternatively, we communicate over the Internet. Here I discuss with you, your goals and aspirations, and how they can best be achieved with my guidance. We also discuss the details of the questionnaire, and surrounding context.
Design remedial programme With the collected information, I then put together a unique remedial programme designed specifically for you to achieve your goals. This, I send to you along with a comprehensive resource pack, so you can start straight away.

All three stages are available to a new client for a cost of just £55 GBP.

With a follow-up appointment (£55.00 to include mineral and essential fatty acid testing) aranged during fourth-fifth week of initial plan.

For clients that are local, please book an appointment with me first, I will then send you the questionaire for you to complete, and you can pay me at the end of the appointment. To book an appointment, either email, or telephone me.

For clients that are not local and that wish to work with me over the internet, please send payment in advance as a cheque. Cheques should be made payable to "P. Reeves", and posted to my address. I will then send you the initial questionaire and contact you over the internet.