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Pat Reeves - Nutritional Therapist
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Pat Reeves, living in the West Midlands, an accomplished marathon runner, personal trainer, BWLA coach and fitness consultant, who has retained her British Masters' Powerlifting title for twenty consecutive years, representing Great Britain both with BWLA and BDFPA Associations. She holds many World, European and Divisional records - despite the ever-present threat to her life from osteosarcoma.

Diagnosed many years ago, her cancer diversified to a degenerative bone-condition, which is considered terminal via orthodox medicine. This manifested as a result of a strong genetic influence.

Because of the naturopathic therapy she has always applied - Pat has attained total remission -and passionately pursues her practice of Nutritional Medicine and allied therapies, and continues competing at her sport. With this powerful dynamic therapy, she has also reversed osteoporosis . Drawing upon enormous experiential knowledge in exemplifying choices/decisions which ill-health urges people to make, her passion to enable people to heal and advice are irrefutable.

She has grit and nerve and refuses to recognise this genetic condition as defeat. Her presence on the competition platform is an inspiration to lifters and officials of BWLA and BDFPA.


My thanks to Gren, my coach for many years now. Presently I am proud to hold my latest World Champion status, which I gained in Milton Keynes, November 2009, after a horrendous year breaking my back last February. In March 2010 l raised the World dead-lift record again.

What I would like to add through my television appearances, my many articles in the media and seminars is that Nutritional Therapy really does achieve the results most people are unable to obtain via other means.

This therapy is not just about healthy eating. It is a form of complementary medicine in which I, as a practitioner, will work directly with the patient, helping his or her body rid itself of stressful substances, providing raw materials and improving assimilation of food in order to aid necessary physical repair. I aim to change an individual's metabolism from an unbalanced state - and may be causing minor or likely major distressing symptoms which could inevitably lead to a serious diagnosable disease - towards a state of balance. This will allow the body to return to optimum health.

It will be achieved by assessing biochemical imbalance to include vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal dysfunction, food sensitivities and underlying parasitic and fungal infections. I will address the underlying cause leading to your weight gain, water retention, loss of energy, cravings, bloating, headaches, memory loss, bowel disturbances, joint pain, depression and infertility, etc. Your energy levels will be boosted and your body's ability to cope with stress and infection will be enormously elevated. Nutritional therapy slows chronic degenerative disease and the aging process. I can recommend supplements, which are at the cutting edge in the field of nutritional science, on an exclusively individualistic basis.

My long-awaited book 'A Living Miracle' is now available and will be of enormous help to people undergoing a cancer challenge, and those who care for them. It also highlights simple measures to take to live an optimally long and healthy life. It has great reviews from Patrick Holford, Dr Mark Atkinson etc and is available from my website , Amazon, Nutri, etc and my home.

PAT REEVES, DN. DthD. BSY.Kin. BSY.Irid. BSYAlex.. BSY.Mag.

Advanced Biochemic Medicine

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