Client Experiences / Testimonials

Read all about the experiences of some of my clients below:

I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your knowledge, kindness, warmth, compassion and words of wisdom. All mentioned above have truly helped me on my journey to reclaiming my health.

The results have been life-changing. The seed mix has helped me go to the toilet every day! No need to rely on the billion tubs of tablets any longer and itís beautiful not to have to worry about toxins building up in my body.

Iím not on your level regarding fasting yet! But I do practise intermittent fasting daily and this has definitely helped reduce inflammation etc.

I eat thoughtfully and consciously following your guidelines and I am getting better day by day to reprogram my mind and not overthink what I eat! My diet is more varied, colourful and alive!!

More importantly, I thank you for encouraging me to just enjoy life. Anxiety and mental stress were feeding my body negative thoughts which most definitely manifested in my body! I am reaping the rewards of switching off and tuning in to my inner world via meditating.

So, thank you again. You are someone I often reflect back upon and smile.

Natalie x

I first went to see Pat Reeves at the end of July 2011. Eight years ago, I had Hodgkins disease, I went through all the chemotherapy and radiotherapy and have been well since, but was told (as I have had a skin problem all my life) that eventually the effects of my treatment for the cancer would result in me having more problems with my skin. This happened in 2010 and I went to Pat in desperation.

My skin was so bad that I didn't know what to do, creams prescribed by my GP only made my skin worse. Pat told me that certain foods can make the problem worse, she devised a diet for me, dairy free and gluten free, she also told me to try oatmeal in my bath, which I did and found it very soothing.

The difference this new way of eating has made to my life is phenomenal, my skin is amazing. I have lost weight and have heaps of energy. I cannot thank Pat enough, a mere 'thank you' hardly seems adequate. I would recommend Pat to anyone, for she knows exactly what she is talking about and her goal is to help one to eat the right foods to keep well and healthy.

Jane Howard, Brierley Hill.

I have been following Pat's instructions for the last several weeks via Internet, given I'm resident in Norway. Had been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease with a poor prognosis. My symptoms have virtually disappeared within the last four weeks and I was particularly touched that Pat sent me a message of condolence on 23rd July following the horrendous assault on my country.

Lars Jensen, Norway.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2001. I suffered terribly for a few years, on and off medication. No one told me that nutrition even played a part in my condition. I continued to eat in the same manner, which kept me overweight and constipated, with episodes of diarrhea. Feeling worse in June, 2010, I knew I had to 'do something else'. I gritted my teeth, bit the bullet and acknowledged that I must look at my lifestyle and eating habits. Pat Reeves, just three miles from me, seemed an obvious contact, so I made that connection and, today the 10th August 2010, l'm a different woman, in more ways than one. You are my ANGEL, thanks Pat.

Jenny Tillsson, Stourbridge, West Midlands.

My life was an absolute mess in April 2010. I was dependent upon recreational drugs and had been diagnosed with throat cancer. This was a massive wake-up call and I knew I had to change my life. Heck I am only eighteen and though initially on many medications, I also searched for a nutritional regime. I found that from Pat Reeves in Kingswinford, West Midlands. She is acknowledged as a cancer survivor via a living food protocol. It was so worth the journey to her! I am presently in remission and enjoying my reformed teenage life. I am now studying nutritional medicine - hopefully one day, I can help health-challenged people, as Pat does.

Tina Fulton, Cornwall.

I consulted Pat in February 2010 at 'the end of my tether' - I needed to lose four stone to turn-around a recent diabetes type 2 situation and get my life on an even keel. Pat extended my initial consultation to five hours - I left her at 11.30pm! - I absolutely needed this - she taught me so much! Now four months later, I am off all medication - medical tests show I'm no longer diabetic, l've lost all the excess weight and am enjoying my life and health once again - thank you so much Pat.

Derek Wolston, Luton, Bedfordshire.

After a few years of feeling lethargic, and frequent bad headaches, I decided to take some action. A trip to my Doctor left me feeling as if I had wasted his time and my problems were just down to life. He suggested a couple of options, one a trip to the dietician, who didn’t really ask any questions but despatched me off with a diet called The Weetabix Diet, the other suggestion was tablets. I was never offered simple nutritional advice, only that it was down to stress and my lifestyle.

I read an article in a women’s magazine which suggested a website called BANT where I found a local nutritionist, Pat Reeves.

After my first visit to Pat, the information Pat had to offer was almost too much to take in, mainly because I believed I lead a relatively healthy diet, only to realise I didn’t. Also Pat made feel like she had seen it all before. Pat had seen it all before, I learnt that quite quickly. As I went through my problems she was able to give me a number of explanations about why I was feeling the way I was. Pat made me feel relaxed, happy to help and I certainly didn’t feel like I was wasting her time. From the start I found listening to Pat a extremely interesting experience. I was given an eating plan that in the beginning seemed quite limiting, but, sticking to the plan and giving up some of my usual daily foods, after a week didn’t really seem so bad, especially as after a couple of days I started to see the results.

We live in a world were we believe from Doctors, Dieticians and Food Marketing that certain basic foods everybody eats on an everyday basis are good for us. These are included in our daily diet, when really these foodstuffs such as bread, vegetables and meat, don’t seem to have the same nutritional value they perhaps had 20 years ago. These days huge amounts of additives are added to these products so as to make them look more appealing and sell them more cheaply.

‘E’ numbers, Additives and Mould Modifiers are being introduced at a rate seemingly without any regulation governing the effects of these chemicals on human beings. The Food Industry assures the public that these additive laden foods are not harmful, without what seems like any real testing. When extensive test results come out, years after the public have consumed vast amounts of these foods, still nobody wants to explain what nutritional steps we are to take to rectify the damage caused by these foods.

I only needed a few appointments with Pat, but, her wealth of knowledge in this area, has made me realise what the effects of proper nutritional advice has had not only on me, but, can have on everybody’s. I truly feel that this kind of help should be widely available to everyone through the NHS, after which I am sure you see a big reduction of patients in Doctors waiting rooms.

Making some simple changes to people’s everyday diet and substituting chemical laden, processed foods for organic and freshly grow products really doesn’t add much to the weekly budget. Unfortunately the general publics perception of this is going to take a lot of convincing and the Supermarkets/Politicians don’t seem to want the help.

Susan Botfield, Wolverhampton

Since going to see Pat in the West Midlands, I have finally been enabled to control my chronic asthma, without further steroidal treatment. I am sleeping much better, have lost 2 stones in weight and eating fantastic food. I now exercise regularly, which the asthmatic condition had previously denied me. The best idea I ever had!

Patrick Healey, London

I am consulting with Pat regularly, whilst attending hospital for my conventional checkups for multiple myeloma. My condition was never explained to me and it was Pat who very sensitively gave me all the details of what this all means. I have been shown really simple ways of using food to support my immune system and, at 78 years of age, she now has me exercising on a mini-trampoline - and I love it! Even though the main reason for this recommendation was to make my lymphatic system more efficient, fifteen minutes of gently bouncing has given me so much daily energy, and my sleeping pattern has definitely improved. Pat is such a professional, has incredible insight and has spent many hours helping me. She even got me a support bar for my P.T. bouncer and now I can be a bit more adventurous! Scans show everything is under control. I am very pleased.

Phyllis Richards, West Midlands

I have spent most of my life on anti-depressants of one sort or another and miserable with low self-esteem. As a teenager I went through a long period of alternating anorexia and bulimia. Working with Pat, mostly via email and telephone - though I once drove 150 miles to see her! - has turned my life around. It is impossible not to be uplifted by Pat's own positive attitude. Finally, I am in control of my bulimia. Pat soon discovered that my body was reacting to several foods. I followed all the instructions to the letter. Pat's information is impeccably clear and after only three months I can eat anything I want without the previous symptoms. I'm now much more self-assured - even I cannot believe it!

Jean Standhall - Bournemouth

I am still in contact with Pat after several years ago she helped me a bone condition. I have never met her as I live in Bucharest, Romania. I have always been an avid sports-person and I read a local magazine in which Pat was featured as the reigning British Powerlifting champion - and I believe she still holds this title after many years. For a long time I try to stay mostly with vegan foods because of all the cruelty in producing food from animals. This is difficult here as animal-based oil is used for cooking. I have always been very underweight and wanted to know if I could get stronger, eat better and reduce the pain inflicted by osteopenia. Pat also introduced me to a special way of food preparation, which she calls 'living foods'. I am quite poor and I have found these foods cheap, tasty and giving me a 'real' energy I did not know existed. She also produced an exercise routine for me which has worked really well. I have put on a stone in weight and have much less pain.

Andrei Vrinceanu - Romania

I am ten years of age and have had lots of sickness. My mommy took me to see Auntie Pat - she doesn't mind me calling her that. I was having lots of tummy troubles and I have a condition called juvenile diabetes. Some of the new foods Auntie Pat said would be good for me I didn't like. I do try hard and mommy has brought lots of different foods for me. I am getting better and have more friends. It is really good to feel so much better.

Karen Wright, Warwick

I had seen many different practitioners before I decided to see one more, as it were. I have been unable to control my weight or my irritable bowel syndrome, for which my doctor was unhelpful and just wanted to give me anti-depressants! I just could not follow complicated diets and was having a lot of emotional stress when I first saw Pat. We decided that I should embark on a mini-detox using wheatgrass juice and I have a tailor-made dietary plan, which is SO simple and I really am sticking with this. I've now lost a total of 30lbs and have 12lb more to lose. I have tremendous support from Pat who is passionate about her work in nutrition. I have been able to come to terms with my demons using NLP and visualisation techniques which Pat showed me. Knowing how to handle my stress, looking much better in the mirror, sleeping properly at last - has put the IBS into the longest remission ever! I really look forward to each new morning now!

Charlotte James, Stafford

I've always been healthy, ate reasonably well and exercised. All I really wanted to know was whether the enormous amount of supplements I was taking were really doing any good. I was getting more paranoid believing one brand was better than another, etc and was up to swallowing about twenty different types when I visited Pat for help. Pat firstly suggested changes to my eating habits to ensure that my food provided me with an optimum amount of nutrients. She highlighted certain long-standing deficiencies, taking my medical history and medication into account. I now take three pills and a 'superfood' supplement each day. I've managed to save a fortune on pills!

Bill Jones, Birmingham

9 months ago, I was at rock bottom, both physically and mentally. I was "stressed to the eyeballs", consoling myself with a regular diet of crisps, chocolate and ice cream. I was so lethargic, so overweight, so fearful, so unhappy, so anxious.

I was blown away following my first visit to Pat who intuitively gave me the right balance of advice and generously listened to my problems. Her own story of how she has battled through cancer and heart attacks, and the positive spirit with which she now attacks life, her kindness and desire to help others, was an extremely powerful inspiration. It was the kick start I needed to start my new life. After a week of changing my diet, I could really feel the positive effects, not only physically but emotionally. I experienced an incredible surge of energy, followed by a wave of happiness, something I hadn't felt for a long time. This motivated me to continue with the new regime Pat had tailored for me. After a month I had not only lost a stone in weight, but my body shape had changed in a way I had never experienced before - I was already looking and feeling so much better.

During the following weeks and months, I have experienced an incredible ripple effect - one positive life change keeps leading on to another. I started going to the gym, which I still do on a regular basis. I started salsa dancing. 9 months ago I could hardly climb the stairs - in September I am due to run the half marathon. I have lost 3.5 stone in weight and look and feel better than I did 20 years ago. Pat got me interested in NLP. I visited an NLP practioner who eradicated my irrational fear after one session. This inspired me to attend an NLP course, where I qualified as an NLP practioner. I have just left my high flying job in the corporate world, and intend to open my own NLP practice - to at last do something I am passionate about - to help others change their lives. So, after just three sessions with Pat, my life has turned full circle. Who knows what will happen next? I owe so much to this incredible woman.

Thank you, Pat.

Anna Titala, Wolverhampton