Benefits of working with Pat

I can make achieving your goals much easier. Many of my clients had spent years floundering in unsuccessful attempts to realise their goals before using my services.


Motivation is often a very common difficulty for people attempting self-help solutions. Without proper, and continued motivation, no amount of good will can replace professional assistance.

Solving the wrong problem

Conventional medication tends to be targeted at solving the symptoms of a problem, on a short-term basis, rather than understanding, and addressing the underlying problem. I work closely with my clients to unravel and resolve the deeper causes of their malaise, often resolving many seemingly unrelated symptoms with a single therapy session.

Information overload

Attempting self-help oneself is a huge undertaking. There is a myriad of information sources available, written for an idealised general person and may not be appropriate to your particular body or needs. How do you know whether you are taking the most appropriate supplementation, or simply wasting your money? I design a individual programme for you, targeted specifically to your particular needs.

Other common routes to solve your problem

Route Common Outcome The Pat difference
Go to GP

GP trained to treat symptoms with drugs.

GP unfortunately unable to spend time understanding the larger problem.

You are unsatisfied with results.

I work closely with you to understand and treat the underlying problem.

I spend time dedicated to you to fully appreciate your situation.

You will be satisfied with the results!


Do some exercise

You start with good intentions, but after a couple of weeks give up through lack of motivation, or initial results.

Overenthusiasm and lack of direction results in injury, and further therapy required.

Where exercise is appropriate to help you, I design an individual programme suited exactly to your needs. I work alongside you as you progress through the programme to ensure your continued motivation.

Buy a book

You go the bookshop, are overwhelmed by the hundreds of books on your perceived problem, and come away with a couple of books that contain conflicting advice.

You are unable to apply the advice and guidance in these books to your particular situation.

Because I design a individual programme just for you, I can ensure the advice is applicable and appropriate.

I can also recommend specific books that may be appropriate for you to study.

Take some multi-vitamins You go the chemist, and buy these supplements. Upon taking them, you notice little difference to your condition. I recommend to you, where appropriate, particular nutrients, and dosing guidelines, which will effect specific results, and can even have then delivered to your door.

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