Author: Pat Reeves.

Published by: Pathfinder Paperbacks
Details: 2019, ISBN: 0-954-2448-2-8, Softback. 12.29.

(First published 2008 ISBN: 0-9542448-2-6)

A living Miracle - Fight cancer at its cellular level and win!

I wrote this book providing the most practical and effective therapy I have personally used since my diagnosis many years ago. This book is also for everyone - with cutting edge preventive information for those free of cancer - as well as for those who unfortunately, are not.

Reading this book will empower you, provide the tools you need, and compel you to take action - just as I did. I know what it is like to be told you have less time on our wonderful planet, than you anticipated: Got the tee shirt many times over for that! You do not have to accept that diagnosis - any more than I did initially decades ago, as it is generally based on the limitations of orthodox oncology. Like myself you can discover how to engage your body to nurture its own healing via nutrition, naturopathy and many other techniques. You will find out how to strip away your fears, burdens and any obsolete values you may still be holding on to - as these can be counter-productive to your healing. My book offers, and explains, several choices you have at your disposal; though many you will likely be unaware of. Prepare to be educated and access the vital techniques that I use at your own fingertips!

You will learn how to prepare your food to retain its highest nutrient values, understand the reason that living foods have been integral to my healing success - and can be to yours. Not only is there complete information on how to produce your own nutrient-dense food in your own kitchen and nutritional information of their contents - there are a hundred simple recipes which I use all the time. This is my pivotal tool which keeps me passionate about my ability to reach out to others in my Nutritional Medicine practice - and stay on top of my sport as World champion power-lifter - despite my genetically fuelled osteosarcoma. Sharing this information with you all has been my passion for the last few years. I know you will benefit greatly.

There are some great testimonials from Patrick Holford, Dr Mark Atkinson, Elaine Bruce, Oliver Crawford and many others.

Pat Reeves, practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine in the West Midlands, using a variety of allied techniques to assist those who wish to remain in optimal health and those who desire to return to it.

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