After three years of writing, my book - "A Living Miracle" is now complete and has been published. This book details the steps I personally took to counteract my own situation and contains vital information for anyone already undergoing a cancer challenge and for those wishing to optimise their present health and longevity.'

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A courageous woman's journey through natural cancer remedies, an inspiring read for those facing cancer - Patrick Holford

This book is a wonderful treasure trove of health suggestions and tools. I highly recommend it - Dr Mark Atkinson, Integrated Medical Doctor and Author of 'The Mind-Body Bible'

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A Living Miracle by Pat Reeves
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I had heard of Pat's achievements, both with her health condition and her power-lifting. I ordered her book, which was shipped fast to me. I have found the recipes absolutely invaluable in my quest to keep my own cancer in remission. I feel absolutely remarkable with so much energy! - Thank you Pat, you are a genuine lifesaver! - Roger Caraway, Nebraska, USA

I am having chemotherapy for breast cancer and was finding the treatment a terrific strain until I chanced upon Pat's book 'A Living Miracle'. What an amazing collection of ideas to assist in coping with conventional treatment. I initially thought I would not even get through the summer - now I have an arsenal of weapons to fight back with. This is the best purchase I have made for many a long year. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for this information - James Newland, Aberdeen

  Living Foods for Radiant Health by Elaine Bruce

Living Foods for Radiant Health
by Elaine Bruce

Packed with sound advice and delicious recipes, this book shows how eating raw foods is the easy way to look and feel amazing. If you want a strong immune system, a glowing complexion and high energy levels look no further! Elaine Bruce trained with Dr Ann Wigmore, author of the pioneering Wheatgrass Book. She now directs the UK Centre for Living Foods in Shropshire, where you can book in for courses, detox retreats and consultatons. She is one of the most experienced and best qualified Living Foods specialists working in the field today.

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