The new updated and re-printed version of my book is now available. (January, 2019.)

After three years of writing, my book - "A Living Miracle" is now complete and has been published. This book details the steps I personally took to counteract my own situation and contains vital information for anyone already undergoing a cancer challenge and for those wishing to optimise their present health and longevity.'

You can order the book online - details below.

A courageous woman's journey through natural cancer remedies, an inspiring read for those facing cancer - Patrick Holford

This book is a wonderful treasure trove of health suggestions and tools. I highly recommend it - Dr Mark Atkinson, Integrated Medical Doctor and Author of 'The Mind-Body Bible'

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A Living Miracle by Pat Reeves

You can now purchase this book online for £13.29 which includes postage and packing for the UK. Shipping worldwide is available for an extra £7.70.

Please make payment below using Paypal / credit cards. Your book will be posted to the payment address within two days of the payment being received. Please allow up to seven days for delivery - as I have shipped as far as Hawaii!

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I had heard of Pat's achievements, both with her health condition and her power-lifting. I ordered her book, which was shipped fast to me. I have found the recipes absolutely invaluable in my quest to keep my own cancer in remission. I feel absolutely remarkable with so much energy! - Thank you Pat, you are a genuine lifesaver! - Roger Caraway, Nebraska, USA

I am having chemotherapy for breast cancer and was finding the treatment a terrific strain until I chanced upon Pat's book 'A Living Miracle'. What an amazing collection of ideas to assist in coping with conventional treatment. I initially thought I would not even get through the summer - now I have an arsenal of weapons to fight back with. This is the best purchase I have made for many a long year. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for this information - James Newland, Aberdeen

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