Udo's oils

Given my personal genetic pre-disposition connection with cancer, combined with my desire to retain my British Masters' many-year powerlifting record, I have found that Udo's Choice has been extremely beneficial in supporting my training and recovery potential.

Udo's Choice was developed by Dr Udo Erasmus, one of the world's leading experts on dietary fats. It is a carefully balanced blend of unrefined organic seed oils along with other nutrients vital for good health.

More info on Udo's Choice can be found in their leaflet entitled "The Role of Fats in Bodybuilding - an interview with Dr Udo Erasmus and lifetime natural body builder Dean Garratt".

Udo's choice can be bought online from Savant, an excellent distributor of health supplements which I use myself and recommend to my patients. For more info on Savant, see their website at http://www.savant-health.com.

See my recent article in the Vegan Guide to Bristol which discusses Udo's oils and how I use them in my training.

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