How does it work?

How well we feel depends on the efficiency with which our body produces hormones, enzymes, prostaglandins, blood cells, antibodies and countless other substances. All these are made from food but many people do not assimilate their food properly, perhaps because of poor digestion or chronic irritation of the digestive system. They may also have a toxic overload – a build up of unwanted waste substances which get in the way of efficient functioning. Food allergies or intolerances can also cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms which may be delayed or chronic and difficult to relate to a specific food.

People who have used a lot of antibiotics in the past can also be prone to dysbiosis. This is the excessive growth of undesirable bacteria and yeast, including candida albicans, in the intestines. Dysbiosis irritates the digestive tract and this irritation may impair the digestion. Many undesirable bacteria and yeast also produce toxic waste products which get absorbed into our blood stream and can make us feel tired or unwell.

I aim to improve your body’s efficiency by identifying and then dealing with these problems using specific diets, lifestyle changes, dietary supplements and herbs according to individual needs. An efficiently functioning body finds it easier to repair and heal itself but if you have a serious illness much, of course, will depend on your body’s powers of recuperation and on factors such as stress.