Living Foods

Live food is distinguished by its content of undamaged enzymes. This single factor is more important both for maintenance nutrition and therapeutic nutrition, than any other dimension of nutritional measurement. It is enzymes which are responsible for the complete and efficient absorption and assimilation of foods, in a form in which the body can use to maximise efficiency and minimise toxic by-products. A way of eating based on enzyme-rich foods, therefore, avoids the processed and adulterated food intake which involves the body in a vast energy expenditure. This energy is required to extract the necessary nutrients and to process the large proportion of resultant waste, some of it toxic.

I regularly host one-day seminars on Living Foods and Chlorophyll therapy - which is applicable to absolutely everyone and improves any malady. These day courses enlighten you in this really simple, exceedingly economic and incredibly good-tasting food, of which there is an abundance for you to eat!!

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