Optimal Cancer Care

On a subject very close to my heart, for obvious reasons, I want to ensure that you are all aware there are many different approaches to the management of cancer. Conventional treatment is limited to surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal intervention, with mixed results. Complementary adjuncts such as individualising nutrition, addressing nutrient requirements, ensuring correct absorption, resolving any sensitivities, may greatly assist. With support to include the body, mind and spirit to defeat this illness which engenders so much fear and distress, not only for the patient, but also for the patient's family/carers, is very empowering.

A strong network of support is necessary and I urge anyone diagnosed with malignancy to garner as many people as possible to effect such support. Naturally restoring the body's own balance is how I personally help my patients and a brilliant and simple method is to prepare foodstuffs using a 'living food protocol'. Please refer to this section of my website. I am extremely happy to explain this 'food preparation system' in detail to anyone who requires this knowledge.

It has been definitely shown that malignancy begins from damage to the genetic structure of normal cells, and that proliferation of the disease process occurs when the defence systems of the organism are inadequate and weakened. Toxic damage can occur from various environmental pollutants - agrochemicals - which organically produced foods avoids -industrial and vehicle discharge. When our bodily systems are under stress and weakened by the absence of essential key protective nutrients in industrial farmed foodstuffs, it becomes possible for cancer, and indeed other chronic illness to manifest.