Water - The Essential Element

Only water works! – Replace two litres each and every day of your life!

Water is the most important nutrient of all.  It is what your blood, cells, muscles, even your bones is mostly made.  A healthy person who weighs around 65 kilos carries about 40 litres of water around – 25 litres inside the cells, 15 litres outside, including 5 litres in the blood.  Let yourself become dehydrated and the chemical reactions in your cells involved in fat burning become sluggish.  Your cells cannot build new tissue effectively, toxic products build up in your bloodstream, your blood volume decreases so that you have less oxygen and nutrients transported to your cells – all of which are essential to fat burning.

I hope by now I have convinced you that drinking large quantities of water – which won’t seem too large once you acquire the taste for them – you will wonder how you ever managed with so little, or expected your system to work effectively without it.  Tea, coffee, alcohol, once so enticing will lose at least part of their attraction as you become aware of their dehydrating properties.

Perhaps the biggest bonus is that by drinking much more water you will find you don’t want to eat so much;  you won’t have to diet constantly or restrict your intake in order to keep your weight down.  Once you begin to recognise your body’s thirst signals and stop misinterpreting them as hunger signals, you will find that the urge to overeat disappears.  You can throw away the diet books and say goodbye to those miserable times when, frightened by the scale reading, you resolved to embark on yet another masochistic diet.  Headaches and migraines disappear, digestive problems clear up – no more constipation and colds and flu will clear quicker.  Correct water levels prevent cholesterol excesses.  Toxins and free-radicals will be washed out;  skin takes on a younger, fresher appearance.

As you drink more water, you will be ever less inclined to put rubbish into your system in the form of chocolate bars, fried foods and artificially-flavoured substances.  Drink it away from food and don’t use tap-water unless you at least filter it.  Distilled water is the purest,

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