Snow balls

6oz hazelnuts, 6oz brazils, 1 oz raw coconut - grind all these, then add sufficient sprouted sunflower seeds and water to hold together - roll in coconut.

Carrot cake

3 medium carrots, 2 oz oat groats (or a gluten-free grain), 1 oz dessic. coconut, plus a few soaked sultanas or cherries. Grind grain and coconut - juice carrots, add sufficient sprouted sesame and or pumpkin seeds, add in fruit.

Chocolate cake

1lb sunflower seeds, sprouted one day. Grind these with raw carob flour to taste, plus minimum amount of water or juice to give a thick dough. Shape and refrigerate.

Veggie nut crumble

Half a head of celery, 2 tomatoes, hazelnuts and/or any seeds (sprouted one day), blend altogether, shape. Can be used in this form, or put in dehydrator (or a very low temperature oven).

Chick Pea croquettes

2 oz sprouted chickpeas, 2 oz cucumber, 2 oz ground coconut, plus tomato, or similar veg - blend and shape.

Tomato Soup

Blend one pound of tomatoes with 2 oz of soaked walnuts, plus distilled water.

Veggie burger

half head of celery, red pepper, two tomatoes. Grind up selected quantity of soaked hazelnuts and any preferred seeds, add to veg, shape.

Chick pea patties

1lb of sprouted chickpeas, 2 oz raw coconut - blend, grind and shape.

Veg soup

One avocado, broccoli, 2 tomatoes, 1 sweet red pepper, 2 sticks of celery. Blend all.

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