Raw, Organic Food

You may have heard about people (such as me!) eating raw food and drinking juices to detoxify themselves but you may not know the ins and outs of why it is done. The truth is that cooked food is considered a poison to the human body. Every time cooked food is eaten, white blood cells multiply to get rid of the invader. This process of white blood cell proliferation is known as digestive leucocytosis

Our bodies are not designed to eat cooked food and when this occurs, it has to be eliminated as soon as possible or else stored in adipose (fat) tissue. An unhealthy body will, of course, attempt to assimilate the deranged nutrients contained in cooked food. However, human beings are frugivores and can only live healthful lives on a diet primarily consisting of raw foods, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables. Raw plant material is easily recognised by the body and eating food in this state is the preferred route to achieve maximum vitality and optimum health.

This is what the majority of people would like to have - yet it's attainment is, sadly, very difficult - if indeed possible at all - on standard U.K. fare.

For many years, the media held that we must have lots of protein and calcium in the daily diet and are informed that meat and animal products are the way to provide these. In reality, animal products are the hardest substances for the human body to digest, requiring enormous amounts of our energy - leaving little left to replenish and restore health - eating these foods every day will inevitably result in poor health directly, or indirectly. This is not only because they are cooked, but also because humans are ill-designed physiologically to consume flesh foods or flesh products. The consumption of these types of foods result in an inevitable putrefaction, and the resultant poisonous by-products play havoc with health.

Therefore, the only way we can take in sufficient nutrients, whilst minimising use of digestive energy, is to eat whole and raw. A diet consisting of solely or predominantly raw food gives us all the nutrients we need - and the body will provide the rest. Raw food is a requirement of the body for vital functioning. Indeed, upon embarking upon a raw food and juices diet, many people have allowed their bodies to heal from life- threatening disease, such as cancer, heart disease, etc and have turned around the aging process.

Do whatever you can to increase your consumption of raw, organic food and allow your hard-working bodies to cleanse, detoxify and heal.

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