Vitamins can easily be destroyed. Mushrooms, lettuce, broccoli, asparagus and strawberries, for example, all lose their vitamins very quickly. Food which has to be cooked should be treated to the shortest possible time and at the lowest temperature.

In order to ensure that the food you eat retains a high vitamin content, please follow these simple rules:-

  1. Food processing tends to reduce the nutritional quality of food and so you should try to buy fresh, organic (where possible) food and either eat it raw (if appropriate) or eat it after cooking for the shortest length of time.
  2. Buy vegetables whole. Leaving leaves on and stalks in allows vitamin C to migrate to the edible parts of the plant.
  3. Cook foods in the minimum amount of water, or steam them. Use this water. Also when hydrating unsulphured dried fruits (after first scalding), use this mineral-rich water.
  4. Avoid high cooking temperatures and long heat exposure.
  5. Do not allow food to stand for long periods at room temperature. Do not store food in warm places.
  6. Do not soak vegetables for long periods.
  7. Do not peel fruit or vegetables (unless not organic).
  8. You can freeze fresh produce with little deterioration of nutrients.
  9. Do not allow food - particularly un-packaged fruit and vegetables, oils and milk to stand in sunlight.

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