Interview in 2009

An interview with Pat Reeves

Today I was lucky enough to be able to quiz Pat Reeves about her life, her new book & her creating yet another record in the world of Powerlifting. For those new to the world of complementary health Pat Reeves is one of the top nutritional experts in the country as well as a world record holding Powerlifter. She has also helped many people overcome illness, fatigue and disease through the use of nutritional intervention:

Pete: First off Pat you recently did really well in your last Powerlifting event. I wonder if you could tell us what it was & how you got on?

Pat: That was BDFPA World Single championships. Though suffering left arm trauma, I managed to retain my previous Bench press record and, amazingly, increase my previous World Deadlift record.

For those who don't know Powerlifting is the sport of three lifts; the bench press (you lay flat on a bench & push a bar to arm length above you), the squat (you rest a bar on your back and bend down at the knees) & the deadlift (pick a heavy bar off the floor)

Pete: What first made you start to lift?

Pat: Over twenty years ago, I was competing as a female bodybuilder - my coach introduced me to powerlifting - something initially I thought was crazy, as it applied to myself!

Pete: There is an idea many women have that lifting heavy weights will make you unfeminine or bulky & yet you are anything but that! Have you got any words of advice for any women who have been put off lifting heavy weights by the idea they will end up looking like some sort of she-man?

Pat: No way can women look like a female version of Arnie! - We have different hormone levels. However, if women take steroid drugs to excess, their form can be pretty impressive relative to high muscle mass and low bodyfat. Not something I personally do, nor would recommend!!

Pete: I think the most surprising thing people probably hear about you is that you compete at the top level in your sport, all the while battling cancer! In fact you've managed to overcome & control many cancers considered fatal by conventional medicine using nothing by food and alternative therapies. This makes me wonder. Do you think you would have accomplished as much if it wasn't for the 'spur' of the cancer to push you on? Has the cancer focussed you on your goals & where do you think you might be if there wasn't the ever present threat of cancer hanging over you?

Pat: Great question! - Yes, I've overcome this situation via a living food protocol and natural remedies. 'Spur' is incredible - I can focus greatly - just as anyone can, who wants to succeed. Go for your passion!

Pete: You've helped many people over the years find nutritional therapy to overcome conditions. Everything from skin conditions to life threatening diseases that modern medicine has failed to address, why do you think it is that doctors (or at least the medical establishment) cannot accept the common sense idea that diet has a direct effect on health?

Pat: I have enormous faith in people qualifying in conventional medicine really feeling this is THE WAY they can prolong people's lives. However, the pharmaceutical industry intervenes, and they soon find that they have to play ball with its recommendations. The best doctors adopt other modalities - aka integrated medicine. There absolutely IS a place for ALL input.

Pete: I've recently read your book "A Living Miracle" that goes into detail about your fight with cancer & the pathways you've had to explore to find unorthodox methods of combating what doctors believe to be fatal tumours. I wonder, why did you choose to forego conventional therapies like chemotherapy & radiation therapy & risk therapies that are scorned by conventional medicine? At first it must have been a very brave move?

Pat: Yes, my book depicts my feelings upon diagnosis and beyond. I had the time to explore both conventional and alternative therapies. I simply found more downsides with conventional therapy and hence chose otherwise, thank goodness! Brave? - no I don't think so for anyone investigating and exploring alternatives!

Pete: What did the people around you think at the very beginning? There must have been issues with friends & family about your choices? Did they only get resolved by you surviving the 'terminal prognosis', or did you get them on side before you saw results?

Pat: My family basically let me get on with my researched choices. As I progressed everyone knew I'd taken the most appropriate option.

Pete: When I read your book I get a sense that the idea behind it is to inspire with your own story, but the main aspect is to put down a basic blueprint for others to design their own strategy for surviving cancer. You managed to cram a lot of information into a small book, was that your plan to give people a doable alternative to the conventional medical approach to cancer treatment?

Pat: An excellent observation from you! I want people thus challenged to TAKE ACTION! i.e. 'apply the guidelines' And for the fit amongst us to heed the instructions to prolong their lives.

Pete: Your book focuses a lot upon the importance of raw & living food as a vital piece of the puzzle for those with cancer. Would these factors be as important to the other diseases of modern society, like heart disease, auto-immune problems etc?

Pat: Consuming raw and living foods - not necessarily totally - but definitely in abundance - ABSOLUTELY impacts on everyone's health challenges - AND everyone's compromised health, from whatever 'disease'.

Pete: I've known several people with various cancers & while they have faded away you've continued to win trophies & push the boundaries of what, even a 100% healthy women, can do. Would you say that your diet has had a positive effect of your training. What I mean is do you think that the diet you are now on has allowed you to continue to compete & improve beyond what a more conventional diet would have?

Pat: My book alludes to many therapies which have personally helped my battle, but I absolutely credit my present vibrant life and sporting achievements to my living/raw food daily food intake. This allows continual cleansing and enhanced nutrient uptake.

Pete: Generally I think most people who see you think you're in fabulous shape when they see you. Do you think that your diet has had an effect on your body composition & the fact you look much younger than your age?

Pat: Wow! - thanks for that! Absolutely - my low toxin input, together with many detoxifying strategies MUST help in this regard!

Pete: As well as winning Powerlifting titles & battling cancer you also help others with health issues. That is as well as having children & grand children of your own! How do you find time to fit everything into your life & be so successful at everything? For most people having a great family is achievement enough, or winning a sporting title, or fighting or cancer, or even helping others overcome health issues, but you manage it all! What do you think is the secret of your success?

Pat: Heck, how do I answer that?! Aside from the compliments (!) I guess I attach enormous importance to specifics, making it relatively easy to achieve my goals. I do, certainly 'find the time' - not necessarily to 'be successful' but rather to assist others to achieve their ultimate potential. Such completion is a great reward in itself!

Pete: Have you any final words you'd like to leave the readers with?

Pat: Go forward in life with passion - conceive, believe and achieve - Find those BIG reasons to achieve success in life - and your projected achievements will be realised! - Good health and longevity to all.

For more information on Pat visit her website

The book "A Living Miracle" ISBN 0-9542448-2-6 by Pat Reeves is available at

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