How to Have A Super Strong Immune System

It can be said that everyone needs about forty different nutrients each day to stay healthy.  This is scientific fact. 

What can't be said is that we all need the same amount of these nutrients, and we all differ greatly in our ability to absorb them due to genetic background, current health problems, etc.  This needs to be assessed on an individual basis, taking account of one's personal biochemistry.  What most people do not realise is how difficult it is to obtain these vitally important factors, which amplify our immune systems in a positive manner, from foodstuffs we consume on a daily basis.

Most of our food shopping, if not all, is purchased in supermarkets where we are at the mercy of the food industry. The practices modern farming employs, methods used for storing, processing and cooking foods and the formulations used for convenience packaged and canned food are seriously to blame for foodstuff's which are both deficient and produce out-of-balance distorted nutrients; these are heavily contaminated with additives and toxins which further compromise the immune system.

So, in view of this, what measures can we take to ensure our on-going health in these conditions?  By far the best idea is to look to strengthening  our immune system so that we are better protected from toxins in our food and the many and varied environmental toxins affecting everybody detrimentally every day of our lives.

To strengthen our immune system, we must first and foremost stop, or drastically reduce, our consumption of foods which add to our already over-burdened system and then attempt to clear toxins which are already present.  A two-pronged attack one might say.  In these circumstances, the foods we should be choosing should be very nutrient-dense,  minimising both exogenous and endogenous toxins, encourage good absorption and toxin elimination from the tissues.  This in turn will facilitate toxin removal from the  body via the organs of excretion, particularly the out-of-balance nutrients which the body holds in excess.

Extra nutrients necessary to reverse deficiencies  and to facilitate toxin removal should be based on individual idiosyncrasies and defined via a nutritionally qualified practitioner as self-diagnosis can be difficult and ineffective.

Firstly the enemies of the immune system, some of which are smoke (tobacco and other - incinerators, chimneys,etc), stress, pollution (busy roads, industry,etc), radiation, pesticides, carcinogenic chemicals (domestic and industrial), drugs (legal and illegal, medical, etc - these require medical supervision for reduction or elimination - do not try it alone), food additives (especially colours and flavours), incorrect balance of food (too much sugar, salt or fat), accidents, obesity or starvation, using dangerous forms of weight reduction, inappropriate exercise, genetic defects, infection (from bacteria, viruses, worms, etc), negative attitudes to life - unhappiness, etc.

Some reasons for boosting your immune system, by way of eating and drinking habits are:-

  1. How fast you age is determined by your immune system.
  2. Your immune system fights off the viruses, bacteria, etc, which try to attack you, from the common but irritating ones like the cold, flu and thrush to serious problems such as Legionaire's disease and Aids.
  3. The immune system has the power to destroy cancerous cells, as they develop.
  4. Every day your immune system clears the body's waste disposal system,  ridding dead cells, toxic chemicals, dead bacteria, etc.
  5. Radiation and chemical pollutant effects are minimised by the immune system when working effectively.
  6. Allergies and auto-immune problems, like arthritis are caused by a poorly functioning immune system.
  7. A struggling immune system predisposes you to being ill more often, for longer periods of time and for more days of your life.
  8. With a strong immune system you are virtually invincible and should be able to lead a long, vigorous and healthy life.

A great priority is the ingestion of pure water.  It does depend on a person's bodyweight, exercise expenditure and the type of food one eats, but, as a generality, four pints of water should be consumed over and above any other liquid intake on a daily basis.  This is to be still, uncontaminated with stimulants, sugars, flavourings or heavy minerals, such as in some bottled waters.  Taking at least this amount gives man health benefits, but in the area I am discussing in this article, it will greatly assist in cleansing the cells and removing toxins.

On the  subject of fluids, remove, or drastically restrict stimulant-containing beverages such as coffee, tea, colas, cordials, fruit drinks and spring waters.  These are all diuretics and cause the body to lose more water than is being replaced, putting most organs, especially the adrenal system, under stress.  The serious effects upon which will, at the very least, manifest in episodes of blood sugar imbalances, hypoglycaemia, and, if carried on for long periods of time, can eventually result in adult-onset diabetes.  Furthermore, ingestion of caffeine from coffee, tea colas and lots of pharmaceutical preparations (and chocolate!) will, in sensitive people, produce digestive and nervous upsets, made worse  by eating processed foods.  Everyone's mineral absorption is affected negatively  by caffeine ingestion; calcium and magnesium are greatly affected, iron compromised and other necessary nutrients depleted.  Drink more water!

Alcohol, although not a stimulant to the same degree, (more than a tiny amount has depressive effects throughout the nervous system), is a source of toxins and unnecessary calories.  One glass of organically-produced, preferably red, wine, three times per week is now considered to improve the blood circulation, hence having beneficial actions upon the heart, due to its anti-oxidant properties.  For women who have kicked the caffeine habit, and are not sensitive to it, could indulge in the addition of a 50gm bar of organically-produced 70% cocoa-mass dark chocolate with their glass of wine - combining the synergistic effects of both.  A maximum of three a week though!  A great way to improve your iron/magnesium status and counteract the often quoted......... healthy food is boring!

To be optimally fit, healthy, with unlimited energy and with a strong immune system, it is necessary to follow certain nutritional criteria.  I list general ones below:-

Eat fresh, whole foods.  Whenever possible eschew processed and packaged foods, things that have been added to, refined, enriched or in some way interferred with, such as most processed baked goods, commercial peanut butter, candy, 'cheese'  foods, crisps and corn chips, canned sauces.

Especially abstain from hydrogenated products, such as margarines.  Anything hydrogenated, or partly so, avoid like the plague.  These will seriously upset the way your body  handles its essential fatty acids, culminating in impaired mineral placement and usage.

Products containing preservatives, additives, coluring agents, texturisers and flavourings should be avoided.  Stop using pasteurised, homogenised, fortified, vitamin- added milk and its products.  Most of the problems with dairy products have to do with the  abysmal conditions in which the cows are kept and fed on dry foods with little nutritive value, rather than fresh nutritious grass.  Genetically engineered BST and other hormones are routinely given to boost milk production.  Calcium, although high in milk, is poorly absorbed from this source, since it is improperly balanced with magnesium and recent research suggest that magnesium is the mineral of choice, along with other co-factors, to prevent osteoporosis - only prevalent in milk-consuming nations.

Eat a wide variety of foods.  This way there is less likelihood of your reacting to foods to which you may be slightly sensitive.

Sort out any food sensitivities with professional help.  Have someone test you at least for wheat, corn, soy, dairy and orange - and if you have any sort of arthritis, prepare to be considered sensitive to the nightshade family, comprising potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers,etc.

Consume a diet high in essential fatty acids - absolutely vital to your immune system.

Fresh only (not canned) mackerel, herring, salmon, etc should contain some - although these do not come without the ever-present threat of pollution.  Consider linseed oils, walnut oils, all the oily seeds - but never heat in any way - and buy organic, cold-pressed and unrefined only.   It is important not to just consume essential  fatty acids, but to have the balance correct between Omega 3's (fish/linseed) and Omega 6's (evening primrose,blackcurrant seed oil,sesame, etc)  Seek professional help.

Cut down, or better out, sugar and refined carbohydrates.  White and brown sugar, honey, glucose and fake sugars like aspartame and sorbitol, plus all commercially prepared biscuits, cakes, jams, ice-cream, soft drinks and other sweet-tasting processed foods.  Not only do these rot your teeth, but they also adversely disturb metabolism of essential fatty acids, and therefore your hormone profile, cause massive magnesium losses  and worsens copper deficiences.  Refined carbohydrates include anything made with white flour or white rice.

Most of all, listen to your body, it is well-equipped with an efficient immune system, which is able to resist disease and heal injury if we give it what it needs to do so. 

True wealth is what we are, not what we have, and we each have control over the type of person we become. Good luck in your endeavours to self-strengthen.                                                                           


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