Try pilewort herb, also known as lesser celandine. This shrinks the swollen and inflamed little veins around the anus, brought on by constipation in most cases, or a sluggish liver in others. Use liver tonics like artichoke, spinach and watercress. A convenient therapy is Potter's Piletabs, which combine pileworth with cascara extract to soften up constipation, agrimony extract, for its astringency and stone root for added curative properties.
Applying vitamin E oil, topically after every bowel movement, or you can puncture a capsule with a needle.
Be sure the anal area is thoroughly cleansed. Moisten toilet paper.
Aloe vera gel or juice can be applied topically.
Shape a slice of peeled potato or a large clove of garlic into a suppository and insert into your anus. These act as a local antibiotic if the area is infected.
Sitz baths are soothing.
Acidophilus yoghurt applied to the area relieves itching.
Malt syrup extract relieves itching.
Walking strengthens muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Do abdominal exercises to strengthen muscles in the area that aids normal activity of the colon.
Colonic irrigation, performed by a licensed therapist removes debris which can remain collected on the sides of the colon for many years and builds up to such a degree that it interferes with the amount of fluid which is reabsorbed back into the system through the wall of the colon. Retained debris can also lead to absorption of toxins.

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