Ensuring the Optimum Eating Plan for Health and Longevity

It should contain no animal products of any kind.
Be organically produced.
Sourced from whole - not fractionated food.
Hold high levels of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and essential fatty acids.
Contain significant quantities of chlorophyll-rich green foods.
Provide adequate amounts of plant-derived proteins for the individual.
Hold a large amount of high-water-content foods, providing excellent hydration Be at least eighty-percent raw (the remainder to be composed of vegan-derived whole-food and organically sourced).
Contain moderate, though adequate-for-purpose calories.
Be composed of low to moderate sugar - and that being exclusively from whole food sources.
Provide both optimal levels of detoxification and cellular re-building.
Supplementation, particularly with B-12 and essential fatty acids, to be utilised according to pre-determined requirements of individual biochemistry.

This basically describes a LIVING FOOD PROTOCOL - Please contact me for details of these courses.

Though diet is a critical piece of a healthy lifestyle jigsaw - it is not the entire story. A full-spectrum health-supportive lifestyle is ultimately required. Avoiding environmental toxins, as much as possible - this includes toxic products such as household cleaners, furnishings/building materials, paint, non-organic toiletries, etc - is essential. A supply of pure - or purified water is crucial for consumption and bathing. Appropriate physical exercise on an every-day basis is vital, as is exposure to sunshine and psychological health.

Pat Reeves, Practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine

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