Ninety percent of all wood burned is burned to cook food. The impact that cutting trees for firewood has on animals world wide is nothing short of catastrophic.

Americans use almost as much fuel for cooking as they do for driving.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) requires one hundred times the land of a raw food diet to produce the same amount of food.

A vegan diet requires two and a half times as much land as does a raw food diet.

Monoculture grain agriculture represents the worst possible scenarios ecologically, environmentally, and for animal rights. Vegetable gardens and fruit orchards provide the biodiversity necessary for sustainable ecoculture.

The heat produced from cooking and from heating water for cleaning pots, pans and dishes contributes significantly to global warming.

Cooked food consumption is linked to almost every eating disorder, many learning disabilities, and practically every disease known to man.

The air and water pollution generated from cooking is intense, and is the one kind of pollution that we create on a totally voluntary basis.

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