Strengthening Your Bones Naturally

Choose fresh, natural unrefined organically grown or raised foods, prepare with care and attention.  Emphasise fresh vegetables.  Plants boost calcium and other minerals in your body. 

Include five to ten serves daily of dark leafy green, tubers, such as carrots, parsnips, yams, turnips, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower, all other vegetables, and pulses, which are a good source of cholesterol-free protein, as well as calcium. 

Regularly consume home-made stocks, made with bones, seafood shells or vegetable scraps, all excellent sources of minerals.  Adding a tiny amount of vinegar, or wine to the stock while it simmers will drain calcium from the bones or shells into the stock. 

Always eat the softened bones of tinned salmon, sardines, etc.  If you still eat meat, cook on the bone, since a little of the calcium will migrate to the meaty part.  Chew on the softened wing tips and drumstick ends (or any other bones) of well-cooked chicken.

Consume healthful fats, including unheated extra-virgin olive oil, unrefined sesame and sunflower oils, particularly flaxseed oil. 

If butter and cream are eaten only use from organically-raised cows. 

Drink eight to ten glasses of filtered/low-sodium bottled water each day, depending on whether you eat more dry or low-water foods such as animal protein, grains and baked products, or high-water foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits and sprouted whole grains. 

Avoid items containing caffeine:  all coffee, tea, chocolate and cola drinks. 

Consume two to three servings of a good quality plant or animal protein. (Either can support good health as long as they are fresh, naturally raised and free of pesticides).  These include fish, organically-raised fowl or meat, organic eggs, beans, nuts and seeds. 

Include soy products such as tofu, tempeh, milk, unpasteurised miso and tamari which is a wheat-free unfermented soy sauce.  The phytoestrogens contained in soy slow or stop bone loss. 

Include high-iodine sea vegetables in your diet, which help to counter-balance the thyroid-lowering factors or soy products. 

Include two or three serving of whole grains daily, such as quinoa, barley, buckwheat, brown rice, cornmeal and oats.  Millet is an excellent grain for older people as it contains silica, which helps to keep bones supple. 

Drink alcohol at no more than seven ounces per week, if at all. 

Avoid drugs, particularly steroids and antacids.  Antacids are principally composed of calcium carbonate which provides a large unbalanced influx of calcium to the body. 

Engage in regular weight-bearing exercise such as yoga, tai chi, or weight lifting for about forty minutes four times each week.

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